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8 Oct 2021
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5 Tips to Have the Best Day at the Lazy River


The Lazy River and pools at the Destin West Beach and Bay Resort are great places to relax and socialize, but if you want to enjoy this popular destination all day long, it helps to have some tips up your sleeve. Here are five tips on how to enjoy the Lazy River and pools at Destin West Beach and Bay Resort when you come visit the area next time!

1) Leave Early

Sometimes it can be difficult to make all of your day’s activities fit in one day. While you may not want to spend an entire afternoon in a river, two hours may feel too short for what you have planned. To make sure you have enough time, leave a little earlier than planned. This gives you flexibility if things take longer than expected and allows you a bit more room in case anything unexpected comes up. Your resort day won’t be wasted, but it will certainly be relaxing! 


2) Pack Snacks

Before you head out for your day on vacation, pack yourself some light snacks. It’s easy to get caught up in all of the day-to-day hustle and bustle that you end up forgetting to eat. When you're out on vacation, don't wait until dinner or lunch time to find something that's open; you'll be rushing around like a maniac trying to find something that suits your taste. Instead, bring along an extra granola bar or some fruit before heading out for your day of fun; it'll save you time and stress when it comes time for lunch!


3) Grab A Float

When you first arrive at a resort, sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. With a bunch of fun things to do and a beach full of possibilities, where do you even start? If relaxing is your go-to style (and who doesn’t like relaxing?), grab an inflatable raft or noodle and head down to one of many lazy rivers. Oftentimes these rivers are circular in shape and lazy because they don’t lead anywhere. The beauty of a lazy river is that you can simply grab a float and relax. A lazy river goes in a loop, so you can hop on and off whenever you please. Also, be sure to hit up the beach for an hour or two before heading back to your room—you’ll be relaxed and ready for that nap you’ve been craving all day!


4) Wear Appropriate Clothing

You can’t lounge around in your suit or dress, so don’t even try. Toss on your swimsuit before you leave for Okaloosa Island (also referred to as paradise on earth), pack a cover-up for afterward, and make sure you wear comfortable shoes that will let you walk around comfortably. In order to enjoy a day of leisure, ensure comfort from start to finish. Don’t forget sunscreen—you never know how much fun you might have!  You’ll also want to bring drinks, snacks, and perhaps some reading material. And yes: A camera is always a good idea when going anywhere. After all—we’re going to be spending time with loved ones on Okaloosa Island; we want plenty of memories of our time there.


5) Read the Rules Carefully

If you’re headed to the lazy river take a minute to read through the rules. While it may seem silly, there are often minor details that can make or break your time on a lazy river ride. Make sure you know what kinds of flotation devices are allowed and what kinds aren’t;  Don't bring a floatation device that isn't permitted! Be sure to pay special attention to alcoholic beverage rules as they can't be consumed while in the lazy river. Remember: You can always call ahead or check online before you go if there's something specific you want to make sure about before you head out. This is especially true if it's your first time! It doesn't hurt to be prepared, right?