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21 Sep 2021
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5 things to do before laying on the beach


We’ve all been there – sitting on the beach with our toes in the sand and the sun warming our skin. But before you settle in to do some people watching, here are five things you can do to make sure your time at the beach doesn’t harm sea turtles and other marine life


1) Pack the essentials

The biggest mistake you can make when preparing for a day at the beach is forgetting to pack sunscreen. Make sure you have plenty of that—plus your favorite towel, sunglasses, bathing suit, and sunscreen—before you head out. We’re just getting started here though!


2) Stay hydrated

Bring a reusable water bottle and fill it with ice-cold water throughout your day. Between swimming, sun exposure, and alcohol consumption, you’ll need plenty of fluids—and more than you realize. A good rule of thumb is: For every alcoholic beverage consumed during daylight hours, drink two glasses of H2O. Drink 2-3 liters (approximately 4–6 cups) each day. Start hydrating at least 3 days in advance of your trip.


3) Wear sunscreen

Sunscreen protects you from cancer-causing UV rays, but also helps prevent sunburn. Studies have shown that people who use sunscreen regularly have a decreased risk of skin cancer and sun damage. If your sunscreen doesn't say broad spectrum, meaning it protects against both types of rays, look for another one. Plus, you'll be able to sit out in hot weather longer without getting burned or damaging your skin.


4) Have plenty of snacks

Having snacks that are light and easy to pack will help you stay cool. You'll want foods that are ready-to-eat, like bags of peanuts or pretzels, fresh fruit, cut vegetables with dip, whole fruits (like bananas), granola bars, yogurt tubes/pouches, or baked chips. It's also smart to bring along reusable water bottles so you can stay hydrated without packing heavy bottles of water. Drink plenty of water—and other fluids—to prevent getting dehydrated in warm weather! For an extra dose of hydration (without added sugar), try coconut water—it's high in electrolytes and tastes great! Just be sure to pack it in a separate container than your other snacks so it doesn't melt into them. Make sure to stop by The Boardwalk for more snacks.


5) Clean up after yourself

Every time you lay on a beach on Okaloosa Island, you leave behind some stuff. From gum wrappers to suntan lotion bottles, seashells and cigarette butts, beaches are often strewn with trash. To keep them clean, you can set an example for others by picking up after yourself when you leave. Whether it’s something big or small, any piece of trash helps make your paradise better for others. You can also help prevent more trash from ending up in our oceans by bringing reusable products with you while at the beach—pack water bottles instead of buying new ones every day and bring shopping bags if there aren’t any provided. Also make sure to follow our blog post about how to help the turtles by cleaning up