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19 Jul 2018
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Let's start with what our policy is then go from there. 

Our policy states: Cancellations or changes that result in a shortened stay or new arrival date that are made more than thirty (30) days before your arrival date will forfeit a minimum of $100 plus tax.  Cancellations or changes that result in a shortened stay or new arrival date that are made within thirty (30) days of your arrival date will forfeit the FULL advance payment. The only exception is our Hurrican Policy that states: Deposits and/or rent paid will generally be refunded if Destin West Beach & Bay Resort is located within the Hurricane Warning Area set forth by the NOAA/National Hurricane Center.  Cancellation or early departure due to any other inclement weather does not warrant any refund of rent or deposit. We understand this is strict but it's policy, something we cannot always bend.

Good news is CSA Travel Insurance has you covered. This can be purchased at the time of making your reservation OR 24 hours from when your final payment due date. Just to mention, that if you do not purchase the insurance at the time of making the reservation, your $350 deposit is not covered. Now, the prices do vary depending on the type of unit you choose, and the time frame you are coming, so I can't cover all that here. However, our Reservations Department can give you a quote anytime! Call them at 1(800) 947-0701! To mention, we do not handle claims, you must contact CSA to do so. 

Since we got the basics out the way, let's talk about what CSA covers. I am going to provide you with an outline then lead you to the CSA website! Legally, I can only go over so much information before referring you to an insurance agent. But, since so much information can be overwhelming, we want to give you an idea on what travel insurance is all about! 

The Guest Protection Plan that we offer covers: 

Trip Cancellation

Trip Interruption

Travel Delay

Baggage and Personal Effects

Baggage Delay

Medical or Dental Expense

Emergency Assistance

Travel Accident

Rental Car Damage

* Must see CSA Website for details! But, from my understanding most losses are covered when due to sickness, injuries, and death, in additon to adverse weather, travel conditions, and more. They also offer add-ons in additon to this basic plan!   

So all that is covered? Wow!  Again, I can only spill so much before turning you towards an insurance agent, but this is a start! We just want all of our guest to be aware of this opportunity. I know I have heard enough about this CSA to get covered! Have you?!

Please check out the following websites to gather more details! I have to say I loved the blog site one below. Some more great tips and loads of information!