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17 Aug 2018
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Everyone knows why to take a beach vacation during the Summer; but, do you know why Autumn & Winter Beach Vacations are the best? 

Let's start with the obvious. While the world is back to the school & work life, you can be soaking up the sun on our beautiful white sandy beaches with NO crowds! Yeah you may run into a few locals here and there, but the beaches are not overrun by a ton of people during off season. Plus, I know us locals are not that bad, so come experience the beach the way we get to see it. The most beautiful natural phenomon in the world is a Florida sunset across the beach on a cool, fall evening. And did you know that the tempatures are still warm enough to get in the ocean to catch some waves too? There have been people spotted swimming even on Christmas Day. But, if you aren't that brave, our property has 3 heated pools! 

So I said no crowds? This also means less traffic! Wanting to explore the area? No more hour long traffic jams. Zoom right over to the outlet mall in Destin or head over to the Fort Walton Landing with no dreadful waits. Turn your hour long dinner drive into a 15 minute one! This gives you more time to explore more of what all our area has to offer. 

Not sold yet? Well, I saved the best for last! 

Discounts! Lower prices! Save, Save, Save! Wait, what? Yep, you are reading this right. Come to the beach and save money! Did you know, most local attractions start offering even more savings once the crowds disappear? Even when you don't see a bunch of specials advertised, secretly all their prices drop once the temperature starts to. Enjoy the same things everyone does during the summer, but spend way less! What's not to love?

I'm pretty sure you all want to pack your bags and head this way now, right? Well, come on! We will be here waiting. But first, head over to our specials page to see how you can save on your favorite vacation rental! See for yourself how awesome these off-season perks truly can be!