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12 Jul 2022
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The Best Clothing to Pack for a Beach Trip to Okaloosa Island, Florida


If you’re planning on visiting the sandy shores of Okaloosa Island, Florida, you’ll need to pack accordingly so that you have everything you need to keep your time in the sun comfortable and enjoyable. This includes practical items like sunscreen and appropriate swimwear as well as specific beach-related clothing like sandals or flip flops and sunglasses. When packing for your beach trip, don’t forget to include these must-have items from the list below.


Packing your swimsuit

You'll want to pack a swimsuit that has SPF protection built-in so you don't have to worry about reapplying sunscreen every time you get out of the water.   Sunburns are not fun and can leave your skin feeling tender and peeling. There are also lots of sunscreens on the market now with special ingredients like antioxidants or vitamins A and C which will help protect your skin from long term damage while at the beach. Try finding a suit with UPF 50+ which will block 98% of harmful UV rays. If you're feeling extra daring, find one that's made with exotic fabric like silk or bamboo!


Packing shorts and pants

When packing for a beach trip, it's important to remember that you'll be spending most of your time in the sun. shorts and pants that are light-colored and made of breathable fabrics are ideal. You'll want to avoid dark colors, as they will absorb more heat. Also, be sure to pack at least one pair of shorts or pants that can be easily converted into a swimsuit cover-up.  If you plan on wearing them while swimming, choose lightweight fabrics such as cotton or rayon. For extra protection from the sun, wear a hat and sunglasses with UV protection when outdoors. Sunglasses should have UV 400 protection so that it blocks out all harmful rays from both UVA and UVB rays.


Packing shirts

When packing shirts for your trip, consider both the activities you'll be doing and the weather. If you'll be spending time in the water, pack swim shirts or rash guards. For sun protection, pack long-sleeved shirts made of UPF fabric. And finally, don't forget to pack at least one nice shirt for dinner or other evening activities.  You want to look good on your beach vacation after all! Lastly, bring along a light windbreaker jacket just in case the wind picks up while you're outside.


Packing cover ups and dresses

The heat and humidity in Okaloosa Island can be overwhelming, so it's important to pack clothing that will keep you cool and comfortable. Cover ups and dresses are perfect for this – they'll keep you covered from the sun while still allowing your skin to breathe. Plus, they're easy to throw on over your swimsuit when you're heading to the beach or pool. When packing cover ups and dresses, look for lightweight fabrics like cotton or linen. Solid colors work best since prints might show through light colored fabric and make them see-through.  For example, if you wear a white dress and then put on a navy blue cover up, your undergarments may be visible because of the print. 


Packing shoes

One of the most important things to pack for a beach trip is a good pair of shoes. You'll need something that can stand up to sand and water, but is still comfortable to walk in. A good pair of sneakers AND sandals is essential.

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