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10 Jan 2022
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Emerald Coast Vacation Ideas for Families

If you’re looking for an all-around great place to vacation with your family, you’ve come to the right place! The Emerald Coast encompasses several smaller cities that are each exciting in their own way, but together, they make one fantastic vacation destination. From fishing and surfing to golfing and shopping, the Emerald Coast has something for everyone and every family will find plenty of fun things to do during their stay here! So what are you waiting for? Pack up the car and get on down here!

The Emerald Coast of Florida

From Pensacola to Panama City, there’s lots of entertainment along Florida’s Gulf Coast. It’s not just all about sand and surf; you can also find great restaurants and attractions that are fun for children and adults alike. Make a few stops during your next trip to explore our family-friendly destinations. These spots make memorable vacations in Emerald Coast easy on everyone—children and parents included! Put some zing in your next family getaway with these top picks. Stroll through vibrant history:If you want an activity that will keep little ones busy (and educated), look no further than Fort Pickens State Park . 

60 Seconds in Destin and Fort Walton Beaches

Things to do with kids on the Emerald Coast of Florida

The Emerald Coast has some of Florida’s most gorgeous natural landscapes, and it boasts a wealth of kid-friendly attractions. Plan a trip to Okaloosa Island to visit Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park, try parasailing at Fort Walton Beach or just get away from it all at Grayton Beach State Park. Or perhaps you prefer heading down to Pensacola; there are plenty of water activities on offer here as well! When it comes to family vacations in Florida, there’s something for everyone on The Emerald Coast! It’s always easy to find a great vacation rental home around here – browse photos and reviews today!

Fishing in Destin

Fishing is one of Destin’s top draws, with more than 200 charter fishing boats in coastal waters. There are also plenty of options to fish from shore, and many Destin marinas rent rods and sell bait to get you started. Charter fishing excursions will take you out for dolphin fishing and deep-sea bottom fishing where you can land triggerfish, grouper, Spanish mackerel, and cobia, or go reef fishing. And don’t forget about speckled trout—they call Destin home all year long! While you may not get lucky enough to reel in a prize catch like these, catching your dinner by hook or by net is an unforgettable experience that shouldn’t be missed. If fishing isn’t really your thing but watching others do it gives you goosebumps, book a trip on a guided boat tour. They give up-close views of dolphins, pelicans, seabirds and other wildlife along Florida’s Emerald Coast beaches and Gulf Islands National Seashore. You never know when you might see something spectacular—like whale sharks or manta rays! It doesn’t matter if they wear gills or fins; everyone loves marine life! However you choose to enjoy nature here, just make sure you bring your camera to capture some memories because seeing Florida’s diverse sea life is just too cool to miss. When planning your next family vacation, consider visiting some places inland too.

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Activities for Kids on Okaloosa Island

There are lots of ways to keep your kids entertained on Okaloosa Island, whether you’re staying at a hotel or a vacation rental. This stretch of coastline features playgrounds and parks galore—and there’s plenty more beyond that, too! Looking for fun things to do in Fort Walton Beach? The sky’s the limit! From miniature golf courses and ice cream parlors to jet ski rentals and Segway excursions (and don’t forget about fishing!)—you won’t have trouble finding something everyone will enjoy. Many of these activities feature special discounts just for visitors; ask around before planning out your budget-friendly beach trip! Better yet, check out LITTLE ADVENTURES! See for yourself why so many families choose to visit year after year by booking a stay at a local waterfront condo today!

Things to do in Destin Florida with Kids!

Condo vs Vacation Home

Finding an ideal vacation rental can be tricky, especially if you’re traveling with a group of people. But which option is best? Condo rentals offer plenty of room to relax in between excursions and activities. Plus, most condos have fully-equipped kitchens so you can spend less time eating out and more time enjoying your vacation. If you don’t mind sharing space with others, condo rentals are a great way to save money on lodging while traveling—not to mention they provide fantastic amenities like Wi-Fi access, TVs and cable. Meanwhile, vacation homes make it easy to get away from it all—you won’t have neighbors looking over your shoulder when you step out onto your private patio or have to share a pool. If you want to eat meals prepared by a personal chef, look into booking a stay at a house that offers gourmet food options. On top of these perks, many vacation condos offer swimming pools, game rooms, fitness centers and other fun activities. Ultimately, it comes down to what works best for your travel needs: there’s no right answer. You just need to determine which accommodation meets your requirements and feel comfortable during your stay!

Pensacola fun and events

Pensacola, Florida is home to many family fun and educational destinations. Your family can spend days exploring all of Pensacola’s museums and historic sites, or you can soak up some sun at a local beach and boardwalk. From swimming with dolphins to playing in award-winning children’s museums, Pensacola has attractions that appeal to every member of your family. With so much entertainment packed into such a small area, there are many great things to do in Pensacola when traveling with kids. The first step in planning your trip is determining where to stay. By choosing accommodations near major locations, you’ll save time and money on transportation each day. Hotels near Pensacola Beach, downtown Pensacola and Downtown Historic Seville provide easy access to nearby venues without tying up precious vacation time looking for parking or navigating unfamiliar roads. Choosing activities suited for different age groups will help keep boredom at bay while allowing everyone opportunities to try new things they won’t experience back home. Children can learn about history while also enjoying rides, games and hands-on activities at Pensacola MESS Hall or Fort Pickens National Park. Check out modern science exhibits alongside wildlife shows or museum tours designed specifically for kids ages six through 12 at Gulf Breeze Zoo. Familiarize yourself with Pensacola by visiting historic neighborhoods like Pensacola's Historic Downtonw or browse antique shops around Five Points Historical District before enjoying dinner together as a family at one of several locally owned restaurants offering kid-friendly fare.

Pensacola Florida Travel Guide 4K

30A fun and towns and events

30A is home to more than 50 miles of white-sand beaches. The beautiful beach towns of Alys Beach, Blue Mountain Beach, and Seagrove are known for their fantastic restaurants and boutiques. Look forward to booking a restaurant at one of these fabulous properties after you get done exploring all there is to do on 30A with your family. There are dozens of family-friendly events throughout each year too! From sandcastle contests and fitness festivals to live music concerts and wine tastings, something fun is always going on in 30A. Make sure you don’t miss out on it all by planning ahead with a trip that caters to families just like yours. Whether you want to try deep sea fishing or relaxing on a boat ride around the bay, find your spot on our Emerald Coast itinerary.

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Tips and tricks while you're visiting

Don’t forget your sunscreen! Both adults and children need to be protected from damaging UV rays. However, babies and small children under 6 months old should not use sunscreen, as it can cause allergic reactions and skin damage. Instead, cover them with light clothing or hats to protect them from direct sunlight. Check out local farmer’s markets: If you have kids with an interest in gardening, take them on a fun trip to a local farmer’s market. There they can see, smell and touch fresh produce. They may also get some ideas about what they want to grow in their own garden when they get home (or start begging for new seeds). Pack plenty of activities: A long car ride is never anyone’s favorite part of vacation; luckily, there are plenty of things that help pass the time pleasantly for both kids and parents. Books, toys, games and other distractions will keep everyone happy—and looking forward to arriving at your destination instead of dreading it. Be flexible: Kids have lots of energy but short attention spans. When traveling with young ones, plan structured activities in advance so they don’t feel too restless while waiting at attractions—and so you don’t either! But if you know your child will lose interest quickly, allow him or her extra freedom to wander off by yourself. Staying flexible makes any vacation easier for everyone involved—including Mom and Dad. Know where emergency services are located: In case of an emergency (lost child or broken limb), it's helpful to know where first responders are located in case you can't find one nearby immediately through 911 services alone. On most beaches, lifeguards are generally stationed along stretches of coast. First-aid stations and ambulances might also be nearby — depending on where you're visiting — though these can sometimes be difficult to spot. Bring along your cell phone: Even when traveling outside of urban areas, having access to a working cell phone is crucial in case anything happens. Make sure to update your family members with relevant information regarding exactly where you'll be staying during your visit. Having someone else (beyond staff) who knows how to reach you is incredibly helpful.

Destin Florida Things To Do