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13 Dec 2021
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Destin Vacation Condo- Preparing for a Trip to the Beach


Preparation is everything when it comes to having an enjoyable vacation, and as always, planning ahead can be the most important thing to remember. Whether you’re preparing for a beach trip or just trying to get through your morning commute, planning well can make all the difference in whether you have fun on your trip or spend it stressed out of your mind. Fortunately, with this guide to preparing for your Destin vacation condo rental, you’ll be prepared and ready to relax once you get there!


1) Preparations For the Trip

First, determine how long you’ll be staying. Are you going on vacation or is it just a weekend trip? Short trips may require more preparation than longer stays. The better prepared you are before leaving home, however, the smoother your trip will go and less hassle you’ll have during travel. Below are some key things that need to be considered when preparing for your trip If you're staying in a condo, check with your host to see if they provide sheets, towels and basic toiletries like soaps and shampoos. They may also provide laundry facilities which allows guests to save money by washing their own clothes throughout their stay. Bed & Breakfasts often include housekeeping services, so no extra linens should be needed. Also, bring an alarm clock (unless there's one in your room) as well as weather appropriate clothing for day & night--even if you only plan to wear them at certain times of day. Be sure to pack enough of whatever medicines you use frequently including first aid supplies such as bandages and medications. You can find out what health services are available at any destination by contacting local government offices or business associations while planning your trip.


2) What to Pack

For most travelers, packing is an exciting and essential part of getting ready for vacation. The more you prepare and pack in advance, though, the better off you’ll be. Here are some key items that should always find their way into your suitcase: sunscreen (check SPF levels beforehand); swimsuits; sunglasses; flip flops or water shoes; hats; cover-ups for women (like maxi dresses or sarongs); extra shoes (if your trip involves lots of walking); travel adapters and converters if your destination uses different power plugs; plenty of dryer sheets to combat smells from musty hotel rooms. On top of these basics, check out our list of beach essentials to bring along with you. Pack light! You won’t want to overdo it since there will likely be transportation involved in your getaway—beach bags work well for carrying essentials. And don’t forget a camera so you can snap photos all summer long! Traffic Gridlock: If you plan on driving to your vacation spot, expect traffic and road closures—especially during holiday weeks like Memorial Day weekend or July 4th week. Make sure you account for delays by mapping out alternate routes ahead of time using online maps. Ideally, opt for public transportation if possible—or at least rent a car large enough to fit everyone in your party comfortably.


3) Getting There

Traffic in Destin, Florida, is an absolute nightmare during the summer season. It can take you an hour or longer just to drive 2 miles on certain days of high traffic volume. If you do plan on driving your own vehicle, arrive at least three hours before check-in time so that you can avoid potential congestion in traffic once you’re there. Rental cars are available close by if you don’t mind paying more than $100 per day to have one while you’re there. Alternatively, make friends with people who live in nearby towns and offer them some cash to be your designated driver when it comes time for sightseeing and fun activities! Uber is also another good option. Before you head out from your home, place a few calls to local businesses and see if anyone can recommend some reliable companies for shuttles that will get you straight to your condo without any hassle. A well-prepared visit will result in less stress! The last thing we want is vacation stress while relaxing on vacation—right? Of course not. Keep these tips in mind as you start preparing for a visit to Destin!  


4) Choosing Accommodations

When vacationing in Destin, Florida, you have many accommodation options. You can stay at a hotel, condo or house/villa. Each option has its own benefits and drawbacks so it’s important to consider your preferences before booking any reservations. If you’re looking for complete privacy and convenience, then choosing a condo would be ideal. These accommodations are generally located close by attractions like shopping centers, restaurants and more making it easy for you to get around and hit up your favorite spots. What’s even better is that condos often come with amenities such as a kitchen which means you won’t need to spend much money on eating out! If spending time with friends and family is something that means a lot to you, then choosing a house/villa could be what you want. While these types of accommodations don’t usually come with as many amenities as condos do, they do provide extra space for relaxation and an opportunity for friends and family members to interact with one another without needing headphones!


5) How to Survive Summer Traffic

Six Tips for Minding Your Manners When You’re Traveling With Others: The summer travel season is upon us, and if you’re leaving on a trip, you know what that means: Trying to get where you need to go through traffic jams. We know there are no easy solutions to traffic, but here are some ways to make it better. Find your way through these six points and mind your manners when traveling with others! 1) If everyone else is using their turn signals, so should you 2) Don't tailgate. Give yourself enough space between cars to safely come to a stop if needed 3) Give up or give in. Never try to force your way into traffic 4) Never pull over to reserve a parking spot; someone will probably just take it 5) Pay attention at every light. Stop signs usually mean stop 6) Don't text and drive or become distracted while driving. Trust us, we've all been there before. In short: Be courteous, thoughtful and patient when sharing roadways with other drivers (and don't forget about lane discipline!). Everyone has somewhere they need to be; let's get them there safely together!