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Crab Island is a favorite for tourists and locals alike.  This unique spot attracts vacationers from around the world to enjoy time at the sandbar.

If you’re planning your trip to Destin, you may have heard of Crab Island.  But, do you really know all it has to offer?  Are you prepared for your day out at the sandbar?

Destin West Proximity to Crab Island

Destin West Beach and Bay Resort is adjacent to Crab Island.  Our marina launches boats into Choctawhatchee Bay, providing a short, 5-minute boat or jet-ski ride directly to Crab Island.

Many other resorts that offer convenient access and proximity to Crab Island charge a premium of up to $500 per night.  Destin West Vacations offers the same convenient access and location for reasonable rates year-round.  We have large suites available for as low as $110/night and spacious three and four-bedroom condos for larger groups and families.

Destin West Vacations offers some of the lowest rates for vacation rentals with convenient access to the sand bar.  Destin West Vacations also offers exclusive access to amenities at both Destin West Beach and Bay Resort, and The Island Hotel.

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Crab Island: Fun at the Sandbar

Crab Island is famous for its turquoise waters.  The majesty of the destination contributes to the landscape that won the area its nickname, "The Emerald Coast."

Both beautiful and fun, Crab Island is worth spending a full day out at the sandbar.  Some of our favorite activities include:

  • Sampling Floating Fare
  • Water Sports
  • Swimming with Wildlife
  • Relaxing on the Sandbar
Taste the Island: Floating Fare & Food Barges

While locals are quick to point out, Crab Island is a sandbar, NOT an island; the area retains its own culture and cuisine.  Restaurant barges and floating vendors provide southern cuisine and refreshing signature cocktails of the Gulf Coast.

There is plenty of family-friendly fares to enjoy, such as hot boiled nuts (a southern classic) and frozen bananas to cool you off on a warm summer day.  However, some adults may enjoy trying a Rum Runner or Bushwacker, two classic local cocktails.  Bars on barges at Crab Island are a recommended experience for those 21 and up.

Water Sports 

Have you ever been in the passenger seat of a plane landing on the water?  Or gone paddleboarding in a national park, home to beautiful marine life migrations?  Crab Island is the perfect place to try new adventures on the water and enjoy old favorites like jet skis, parasailing, and wakeboarding.

One of our favorite things at Crab Island is embarking on an aerial adventure.  With Fly the Beach flight services, you can get picked up and dropped off right on the sandbar.  It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see our chain of barrier islands, the Gulf of Mexico, the Gulf Islands National Seashore, and the beauty of Destin in the tradition of our pelicans and sandpipers.

Another unique way to experience Crab Island is on a double-decker pontoon boat.  Our friends at Island Water Sports offer double-decker pontoons with water slides to make a maximum splash on your time in the water. These pontoons launch next door to the Destin West Beach and Bay Resort Private Marina.  For an easy and entertaining way to get to the sandbar, contact Island Water Sports.


Swim with Wildlife

Can you guess how Crab Island got its name?  That's right! The famous sandbar is home to a community of hermit crabs, an opportunity for the whole family to observe these adorable creatures and see a variety of seashells.

Snorkeling is a popular way to see Crab Island and one of our favorites.  The clarity of the emerald water makes the area unique for snorkeling.

Common marine wildlife you may see while snorkeling the sandbar include:

  • Sea Rays
  • Lion Fish
  • Mullet 
  • Moon Jellies (Don't worry!  These guys do not sting. They have small, translucent bodies with a purple hue resembling bubbles.)

For more information about marine wildlife to experience at Crab Island, check out the National Parks Service.

Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy the Day at the Sandbar

We've saved the best for last.  Our favorite way to spend the day at Crab Island is to relax on the water and enjoy the gentle currents of the sandbar.

Many sections of Crab Island are shallow enough to stand, sit, or wade in the water.  However, many island goers prefer to bring rafts and floaties to maximize the chill vibes of the sandbar.

Don’t stress your day on the water.  We ensure ease of vacation planning with the Destin West Beach and Bay Resort conveniently located next to this (and many other) popular attractions.

Be sure to book your stay today, as our resort books up quickly during the spring and summer months when Crab Island is open.

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No Boat? No worries!

For unique transportation to the sandbar, recommend checking out cruises to Crab Island with Cruisin’ Tikis and the Water Taxi

Destin’s Cruisin’ Tikis offer a new perspective on Crab Island.  On a floating tiki bar, you will cruise around the Harbor and Crab Island.  You may choose to anchor for a few hours or enjoy the float. Tikis are a perfect way to enjoy an adult day on Crab Island!

The Crab Island Water Taxi Tour is a more family-friendly way to explore.  This tour service will provide transportation, floaties, and even underwater picnic tables for the ultimate Destin waterfront dining experience.

For your convenience, the Destin West Beach and Bay Resort offers boat slips available for reservation with any Bayside Condo rental.  Our private marina is a great starting point for any day on the water, including spending time at Crab Island or exploring the greater Gulf Islands National Seashore.

Need to rent a boat during your stay?  Island Water Sports offers pontoons launching next to the Destin West Beach and Bay Resort Private Marina for effortless exploration.

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