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24 Jul 2021
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How to Build a Better Sandcastle


Are you in Destin West, thinking about building a sandcastle? Here are some tips to help you build a better sandcastle. First, find the best location. An ideal location would be a beach where there is fine sand and high enough water to reach the sea or ocean. Next, don't forget your shovels, buckets, and sand molds.


Picking the right location

Be sure to pick an area that has enough space for your sandcastle. It is also important to have good traction for walking in and out of your sandcastle. There should be at least 8-10 inches of dry, flat ground on either side. Make sure it's at least 10 feet away from anything you might walk on like rocks, shells or people. This will help make your sandcastle more stable so it doesn't collapse during construction or while people are playing inside it! Secondly, dig a moat around your planned sand castle estate. 


Pro Tip: Find the tide schedule to find out when the tide will be coming in, you may want to move your castle farther away from the Gulf to keep it from being swept away by waves. 


Preparing the sand

Start with damp sand, not wet. One advantage of our sugary sand on Okaloosa Island is that it holds together extremely well when water is added. The ideal ratio of sand to water in equal parts. Always add sand to water and shake or vibrate the bucket to get all the air bubbles out so that your sand maintains structural integrity. Wet sand will not pack well and your castle will be unsteady. Be sure to clean off any debris before you begin. This includes seaweed, sticks, rocks, and anything else that may be on top of or mixed in with your sand. Some advise the use of gloves while building your castles, as these can help prevent cuts from stray pieces of glass or shellfish that may be present in your sand. Don't forget to use tools like shovels, trowels, and buckets when building your sandcastles! They're essential for making neatly finished details. 


Building your castle

Building sandcastles can be challenging. However, there are few steps you can take to ensure that you create an amazing sandcastle that will last for weeks. To build your sandcastle, follow these simple instructions:

1) Find where to place your brick castle shape!

2) Gently lay it on top of damp but not soggy wet sand (too wet will mean that the excess water runs out from under your structure and does not form into any shape). The idea is to form a topple-proof tower so a flat base is needed. Build additions by using sand “pancakes” like bricks.

3) Once you have placed all pieces, twist them around slightly to make sure they fit securely with each other before standing up again.

4) Smooth out loose bits with either hand or foot; gradually compacting down on areas until everything is smooth. 5) Finally use pails, shovels, pencils, and buckets to create designs around your sandcastle but be sure to work from the top down to the base.


Watch this video and channel for more of a visual reference.

How to build a Sandcastle Part 1 - The 3 Golden Rules

How to build a Sandcastle Part 1 - The 3 Golden Rules